Petition to allow front yard vegetable & fruit gardens in the City of Moncton NB, Canada

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Sylvain Ward, a fellow urban gardener from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, built a beautiful and well maintained front lawn garden during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, following a complaint filed to the City of Moncton, on June 1st he received a letter from the City advising that the garden had to be removed because it did not follow the landscaping definition of the zoning by-law (section 55 -


I am starting this petition to show my support for Sylvain Ward's urban garden project as well as all the other front yard gardens in the area (and beyond). Being an urban gardener myself - and in the same municipality, I strongly believe that gardens, whether they are in the front yard, side yard or back yard, offer countless benefits to the community, and the environment.

They help combat food insecurity (at a time when it is rising around the world because of the pandemic), improve mental and physical health, help reduce pollution, foster biodiversity, help support a healthy ecosystem and offer a much needed habitat for pollinators, help combat climate change, and do not involve the intensive use of water and chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.) that a traditional grass lawn does.

By signing this petition, you are showing your support for residents' rights to grow vegetables and fruits on their property, whether it be in the front, side or back yard, and you are encouraging the City Council to review and revise the zoning by-law, and more specifically the definition of landscaping, to include vegetables and fruits.

Thank you for supporting this cause!