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Mayor David Turner: Replace Odessa Animal Control , TX Shelter manager Joe Barreraz, who is gassing 14 animals average daily, with a compassionate person

Animal Control is a Division of the Odessa Police Department. In the most recent Odessa American report, Animal Control reported that more than 5,000 animals were euthanized in 2012. That works out to an average of 14 animals a day under the leadership of present Shelter-Manager Joe Barreraz.This is a rural Odessa, TX shelter. They don't even want to be contacted.."Speaking Up for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves"is a volunteer facebook page.. and a medium for organizations to adopt pets from this kill-shelter.. You have to go through Speaking Up For Those Who Can't for any info on animals.. 

The shelter doesn't even provide an # for the animal to id them!! nor any names.. Only a kennel #.

Now the Shelter-Director has these volunteers from "Speaking Up for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves" and a "bully Time Rescue" a Bully-breed Rescue group asking for his ouster in unison..

Cara Steadham is a member of this group And although they are just going public now, Steadham said lack of cleanliness, the poor care of animals and an unwillingness to work with local adoption organizations has been going on for a while now at Odessa Animal Control.

“I am just demanding better treatment from our city for the animals,” Steadham said. “What’s going on in the shelter is disturbing.”

Just 3 days back, 6 beautiful animals who were being shared and networked to the maximum, on this FB page for adoption, were all killed.. just like that.. In the past, Steadham said they have been retaliated against and lied to, including times where she believes Animal Control euthanized animals that were not sick and about to be adopted, a fact she said she believes the staff at Animal Control knew..

Among the issues Steadham has with Animal Control include the accusations that the shelter does not use bleach while cleaning, sick animals are placed in cages with healthy animals and the staff does not allow anyone into the isolation building to try adopting out the animals.

While City spokeswoman Andrea Goodson said not allowing dogs out of isolation is to prevent the spread of disease, Steadham said she wonders how they’re supposed to help adopt those animals out if they can’t see them.

The group is having a bake sale during this weekend’s Airshow to help raise money so they can pay to get animals out of the shelter, Steadham said.

Steadham, along with fellow volunteers Tina Pendleton and Holly Dool, said the group wants the head of Animal Control, Joe Barreraz, out of the office and replaced with someone who has more compassion for animals.

Meanwhile Police Chief Burton said the changes have been in the works for some time; however, they’re highlighted after the shelter recently came under fire for claims of neglect after a picture of a large-breed dog went viral on social media.. The animal, which was in the shelter for more than two weeks, was picked up Nov. 20 and was reported as having a limp, Odessa Police spokesman Cpl. Steve LeSueur said in a previous story. The dog was adopted out two weeks later and was reported as having a dislocated hip and tick fever.

“What we’re going to do, and what we are doing, is we’re putting together a plan for better operation of the shelter,” Police Chief Tim Burton said. “It’s our intent to develop a plan for improving the function of the shelter and we’re going to … add transparency and accountability with how animals are managed in the shelter.”

Not everyone thinks changes will be positive, saying the best thing for the shelter was the removal of the manager in charge..

Katrina Loyola, founder and president of Bully Time Rescue, said she has not had a positive experience with Odessa Animal Control, saying manager Joe Barreraz has been uncooperative and rude to her.

She said the first time she received a tag from Odessa Animal Control on her door, they had one of her dogs and she tried calling for a week to get in contact with Barreraz.

To avoid the shelter, Loyola said her rescue currently fosters dogs out of shelters in Midland, McCamey and Breckenridge.

Even with updated systems and an advisory committee, Loyola said she did not expect anything to change as long as Barreraz was the manager.

“To me, if it’s broke it’s broke,” Loyola said. “I think if they got someone who cared, it wouldn’t be so broken.”

As is well known by the No-Kill Equation, a compassionate Shelter-Director is the most important requirement for a successful Animal Care and Rehomimg Programme.. for they are required to maintain cordial relationships with Rescues and volunteers to keep adoption rates high and keep moving the shelter-babies quickly out to make way for the incoming pets..thereby nullifying the need for shelter-killing.. A manager who is rude to Rescues and does not even want to be contacted foe animal enquiries is not the person who can help these unfortunate animals at the shelter..such people don't care for the animals, don't want to ask for help from the community and are just content to order the killings of innocents and collect their pay-check.. So let Jor Barreraz be removed from the postion of shelter-Director at Odessa Animal Control, Odessa, Tx and be replaced with an No-Kill Advocate for the benefit of animals and animal-lovers in this City.


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