Outdoor skating rink in Pickering

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Pickering currently has only synthetic ice surfaces available to the public. They have been in various locations such as; Millennium Park, Valleyview Park and The Village east park. These rinks have several problems such as being pretty small, not being too appealing to the eye and sometimes not in the ideal location. However, the largest problem is the rink being synthetic. Real ice is much more enticing and would attract more people to go out and skate. Other cities are quickly realizing the importance of having a rink to bring people together during the winter. Ajax for instance, has recently opened Pat Bayly Square for skating and it has brought large groups of people out to enjoy the classic winter pastime. The use of hockey boards on Pickering's current rinks is also a bit of an eye sore. Most outdoor ice surfaces are just a thick sheet of ice with no boards for ease of access.  Lighting is also important. Due to the time change, it clearly gets darker earlier, so floodlights would be a necessity. Personally, I do believe that having an outdoor skating rink made of 'real ice' will bring the city of Pickering together. A new rink could be the place for young families to start a new winter tradition or just a place for anyone to hang out with family and friends during the holiday season.