Ban single use plastics and styrofoam in Stratford, Ontario.

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At a cleanup of the TJ Dolan trail on Earthday 2019, in less than 1 hour, volunteers collected multiple bags of garbage, the majority of which was plastic and single use takeout containers.

I propose a ban on single use plastic and styrofoam items in the food service industry in Stratford.

There are alternative items available that are biodegradeable/compostable. It would be appropriate to have a small surcharge at the retail level to cover the cost difference.

This action will decrease the non-degradable garbage that makes it into our green spaces and landfill, and also decrease the amount of plastic purchased/produced (which is a petroleum product).

Please support this petition to urge Mayor Mathieson and Stratford City Council to support a ban of single use plastic and styrofoam items in the food-service industry in Stratford.