Reducing and making Rental Licensing Fees fair in Oshawa City

Reducing and making Rental Licensing Fees fair in Oshawa City

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Adil Arshad started this petition to Tito-Dante Marimpietri (Regional & City Councillor) and

On behalf of the owners of University Studios, 1900 Simcoe Street, Oshawa. We have recently received a request to file an application to secure a licence for the “Residential Rental Housing Bylaw” (RRHL). However, we firmly believe this request is burdensome and inequitable, which is why we would like to submit this request to defer and reduce licensing fees for our condominium building and many similar building owners within Oshawa who are in this position.

Recommendation to defer and reduce licensing fees for University Studios, 1900 Simcoe Street, Oshawa due to economic pressures being felt worldwide due to Pandemic (COVID-19) and the following observations:

1. Large cities such as Toronto have no rental licensing fees.

2. Also important to note, the majority of the other municipalities' licensing fees are much more reasonable or non-existent and vary based on the number of bedrooms, type and size of the unit (see reference attached). Whereas the City of Oshawa has an absurdly high amount of annual licensing and application fees using a blanket approach of one size fits all i.e., a 275 sq. ft. unit within the condominium complex at 1900 Simcoe Street is subject to the same licensing fees as a multi-occupancy home i.e., 275 sq. ft. studio unit versus a 3,000 sq. ft. multi occupancy home is inequitable.

3. In an era of the COVID pandemic landlords at 1900 Simcoe are more focused on providing cost-effective single occupancy accommodation to minimize the spread of the pandemic in modern purpose built accommodation.

4. The studio units at 1900 Simcoe Street are two year old custom built studio units built to the latest Ontario Building Code (OBC) Standards unlike the modified retrofit residential homes for student occupancy that the by-law was created to manage. The property management requires landlords to adhere to strict standards e.g. liability insurance of $2,000,000, tenant noise limits etc., which already mirror the requirements of the licensing by-law (in an enclosed condominium managed by property management) that landlords are now being subjected to in duplication for additional costs.

5. The city of Oshawa needs to do very little monitoring of the condominium building as compared to student housing so the cost to administer the licensing program for the building should be substantially lower. Licensing the building as a whole at a reasonable price would be more equitable and can be managed by condominium budget/maintenance fees.

6. Explicitly vast economic pressure is being felt in the City of Oshawa due to GM (General Motors) completely shutting its door in December 2019, loss of approximately 2,500 jobs.

7. City of Oshawa unemployment Rate as of July 2020: 12.4%, increase of 5.4% since February 2020. The landlords at 1900 Simcoe are supporting the local economy by investing in this development through employment and the education of the next generation of students.

8. Canada unemployment Rate as of July 2020: 12.3%, increase of 6.7% since February 2020.

9. Many of the tenants are unable to pay for rent to the landlord and some are choosing not to pay since the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) has been closed until further notice. Tenant’s cannot be forced to pay or be evicted for defaulting on rent since the Landlord’s have to take the matter to LTB, which is closed. The unemployment rate has increased dramatically since the pandemic started, which is putting a lot of financial pressure and stress on landlords. 

10. Many of the students aren't returning to university campuses in Canada since many facilities are closed until further notice and few with limited access, universities are currently shifting towards online courses. Essentially many students and teachers are not returning back to university campus hence, the majority of the rental units located near the university campus will be empty until it's safe to return back to campus. All in all this is causing a huge distress on our personal and financial lives.

11. Landlords will be unable to offer rental services at reasonable prices given the additional burden of extortionate annual licensing fees compounded by some of the highest property taxes in the GTA i.e., $2,178 annually for a 274 sq. ft. studio unit and very high maintenance fees ranging from $200-$310 per month for these units. Landlords are managing their units at 1900 Simcoe Street at a loss and the annual licensing fee will compound this pressure.

Increase of this unfair financial pressure is causing people to go into depression. We hope you had a chance to thoroughly go through the points and they have helped you in understanding our situation. We firmly believe we are unfairly being charged and would like some support in this matter by eliminating or reducing these unnecessary fees.

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