Please build the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail for bikes and pedestrians

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There is currently no safe family-friendly bike and pedestrian path connecting Hawthorn to Box Hill.

There is an opportunity to build a path following the Box Hill railway line to encourage many people to cycle and walk who currently don't and greatly improve safety for those who already do.

This path will provide safe local travel between Hawthorn, Camberwell, Glenferrie Road, Maling Road, Surrey Hills, Mont Albert and Box Hill along with connections to the Main Yarra, Anniversary and Box Hill to Ringwood Trails.

There are also over twenty schools and other education institutions close to the trail.

More people riding bikes and walking will reduce traffic congestion on roads, reduce carbon emissions and provide a safe and healthy travel for local communities.

The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will provide a safe path free from vehicles where children can learn to ride and families can go for recreational bike and walking trips.

The Victorian government has allocated $370,000 for planning the trail after 1844 people signed a petition to the Victorian State Parliament. 

The Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal Project provides a golden opportunity to build the section of the trail connecting Box Hill to Camberwell.

We call on Mayor Sharon Ellis, Whitehorse Council and Mayor Cynthia Watson, Boroondara Council and their respective Councils to provide some funding for the Hawthorn the Box Hill Trail and assist with its planning and construction.