Remove concrete traffic islands in Ridge Road between Hartford Turnpike and Davis Street

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We, the undersigned, live on or near this section of Ridge Road and/or pass through often. Our experience is that the current configuration of four 6-foot, 8-inch wide concrete traffic islands and subsequent white striping of the road do little or nothing to slow traffic for any motorist who decides to speed. They are a danger to all users: motorists, cyclists, runners and walkers. Within a week of installation, two motorists hit the islands, and the new configuration squeezes cyclists off the road and sends cars towards runners and anyone using the sidewalks. Traffic calming measures must benefit all road users.

Statistics covering the past 2.5 years shows an almost total lack of enforcement on this stretch of road, which is an essential part of traffic calming.

We also object to the lack of transparency and accountability with which this project was approved and implemented. Very few neighbors learned of the meetings at which it was discussed and even Ridge Road residents were just informed that the traffic islands were being installed, not asked for their input.

Therefore, we request that the islands and wavy white lines be removed and that the town engage in an open process with neighbors and road users to propose a safer, more effective traffic-calming approach.