Friends of Lake Consecon

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Dear friends and neighbors of Lake Consecon,

We are writing to you with respect to the proposed development at 5738 County Road 1

In order for the development to proceed, the owner of the property is proposing to change the zoning bylaw(s) from the existing "Rural 1" and "Environmental Protection - Provincially Significant Wetlands" zones to a "Special Tourist Commercial" zone.

If the proposal is successful, the owner plans to develop the property as a brewery, smokehouse, and cottage retreat which will include the construction of 10 private cabins and an event space/assembly hall on the property. Each cottage will be fitted with a private hot tub and fire pit.

We are writing to you about this matter because we have concerns with this construction plan. Our concerns include impacts to the wetland due to changed land use and increased human traffic, as well as noise from the cottages and event space.

The Lake Consecon Marsh has been identified as a Provincially Significant Wetland by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

As such, it has been either recognized as performing important ecosystem services (groundwater storage and release, flood prevention, etc.) and/or having great biodiversity. The proposed cottage construction is located a mere 30 metres from this sensitive ecosystem.  Changing the land use from farmland or naturalized shoreline has potential to impacts the many species that live in the marshland.

There are over 50 different species-at-risk with habitat in Prince Edward County (PEC) - including 17 bird species, 9 species of fish, 17 plant species and 9 reptile species. May of these birds, plants, fish, and reptiles live in and around Lake Consecon.

Please support us by signing this petition in opposition of the proposed development and help sustain the natural heritage of Lake Consecon and the surrounding watershed.