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Fix Nanaimo City Council Now

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Eleven months ago, Nanaimo voters turned out in unusually large numbers to try and direct change for the better at city hall. It was imagined that a ‘refreshed’ group at the Council table might be able to cure some of our community’s ills and move us forward a little faster. To this date, the only changes that have come over Council seem to be for the worse unfortunately. A belief that’s shared by many, if not most, in the community.

There are ongoing issues such as 'decorum in Council Chambers, respectful behaviour between Councillors, inappropriate interaction with staff and a basic breakdown in civility. There are major questionable mileposts in the governance of our community that drive deep disappointment in the choices voters made — the Conference Centre Hotel, Colliery Dams Park, and Core Review all stand out.  

There is a need for the broadest cross section of our community to share their concerns about the troubled situation our Mayor and Council have created during the past eleven months of governance. That’s why a group of caring Nanaimo citizens have started this petition.

Nanaimo cannot move forward when Council’s decision-making is focused on the politics of personalities, when whom you are voting against matters more than what you are voting for, or when Council is dominated by a small collection of special interest issues. Councillors must understand their goal is to work towards consensus on issues and then support their final collective decision publicly. Councillors committed to this when they took the oath of office and agreed to support the Community Charter. We argue this commitment is not being honoured. 

We, the undersigned, demand that Nanaimo City Council expedite a solution to the governance problems that plague Council right now. This is an urgent matter that impacts the business of running our city, how it is perceived by its citizens and by those outside our community. We have entrusted Mayor and Council with our votes so that our City would be managed in a professional, respectful and collegial manner. So far, this has failed to transpire and, as taxpaying citizens, we cannot let it go on for another three years.

Now is the time for Council to move beyond personal conflicts and understand the bigger picture and the responsibility of governing a community. Mayor and Council must acknowledge there are problems and they must exercise every option to come up with solutions and begin working together to do the job they were elected to do. In the City’s most recent Strategic Plan, a commitment was made in the operating philosophy to be ‘an excellent municipal government'.  We want local government to get on with the job of governing our city, return respect to Council Chambers and work toward being an ‘effective’ municipal government while striving for excellence.

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