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Sensible, Environmental, Net Zero, Development and Infrastructure for Ainslie Hill I & II!

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This petition is a call to organize and inform about the Ainslie Hill impending development on Catering road in Sutton West, Ontario. Now is the time for the public to act on our concerns. We deserve and demand that decision-makers treat the public’s concerns, comments, and questions as having merit, and that stakeholders’ input is given fair weight throughout the planning and decision-making process. We, the signed of this petition, want to halt all planning and future council decisions on Ainslie Hill I & II, until some or all of the residents’ questions, problems, concerns, comments, and proposed solutions are formally recognized and addressed.

Most residents have serious concerns about the collusional, cookie-cutter, 1950’s style suburban developments being proposed in the Georgina area. In addition to the negative impacts these developments may have on long-term residents, they threaten biodiversity, wildlife, and several protected species that inhabit the Black River area and its naturally forested corridors. The current fast-tracked pace of this and other developments in this town are case and point. The lack of transparency, foreknowledge, understanding of historical context (e.g., the developer was unaware of the historic trail), long-term environmental and social planning, scientific and environmental studies from the Town, developers, planning consultants and others, is of serious concern.

There are significant details in the ‘meat’ of some of these required studies that have been neglected in the summaries, planning, and in decision-making. Examples are in a few of the archaeological assessments which state that there were ‘2 pre-contact lithic findspots’ of 3500 year old artifacts, found where the old barn on Catering Rd was located. Other serious concerns are; the lack of regional housing, ‘gifting’ land on the river’s edge, ‘Net-Zero’ buildings, traffic, threatening the ecosystems for identified endangered species & impacting wildlife, solar roofing and other initiatives that should make this development acceptable to 2017 and future building standards.

Developments similar to the one being planned and proposed for Catering Road and elsewhere seek only a quick return on investments instead of net-zero impacts & thoughtful planning far into the future of our communities and towns. The people of Georgina have been experiencing a gentrification of the area for decades, and the increasing housing costs are putting this beautiful area out of reach for most people to enjoy. Signing this petition is a step towards organizing residents and stakeholders to gain a more meaningful role in the planning and decision-making of this and future developments in the area, so that we can ensure that development is socially and environmentally beneficial and sustainable for our communities.

Unfortunately the Town of Georgina as of yet will not accept digital petitions to Council unlike every other level of government, this should change. Thank you very much for your time in reading and signing this petition and I hope to potentially organize and address some of these concerns with you and the Town soon.

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