City of Cambridge, ON community says NO to Drug Consumption Sites, Yes to Treatment.

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The City of Cambridge has heard from the community and the resounding answer continues to be NO to any such Drug Consumption facility, mobile or fixed, for our community. Regardless, Council and Advisory Committee to Council continue to pursue Site selection within our city.

"Dear Mayor, Councillors and Staff of the City of Cambridge, Ontario

We, the undersigned, as residents, business owners and tax payers of the City of Cambridge, ask that you vote against any motion which includes placing, allowing, or asking for a drug consumption site (also known as a SCS, CTS, SIS or OPS) in the City of Cambridge.

Instead, we ask that you advocate for treatment for those suffering with addictions, by focusing on detox, rehabilitation and mental health supports.

We ask that you please listen to those you were elected to represent and work with the province and the Region to find a solution that does not include the continued consumption of illegal substances."


Please sign this petition and let the Mayor, Councillors and City Staff know that there is no suitable place for a Drug Consumption Site and that our focus should be put towards advocating for Detox, Rehab, Mental Health supports, to help those afflicted with addiction. 

This petition is ONLY open to residents, business owners, patrons and those working within the city limits of Cambridge. Please be sure to list your WARD in the reasons/comments area as to where you reside and/or own a business property, so that your signature may be directed to the appropriate Ward Councillor.

Here is a link for assistance to determine your Ward.



On April 10, 2018, Cambridge Council passed a one-year interim control by-law affecting the 3 core areas and a buffer zone of 500m, preventing any such Drug Consumption sites to be opened or operated in the mentioned zones. In March of 2019, while having waited for direction from a new Provincial Government, Council then extended the interim control by-law to March 26, 2020. 

A public consultation was held in February 2019. Regional Council, in April 2019, approved moving forward with one site, in Kitchener, 150 Duke Street West. The location of 150 Main St Cambridge, was not presented, due to the communities overwhelming opposition against the site and its proposed location at the February 2019 public consultation.

A public session for the City’s Study was conducted on June 19, 2019 to proceed with identifying a CTS site, outside the core areas. In September, 2019, Council directed that the future recommendations from the Planning Study be presented to Council for a decision. 

A public consultation session for the Planning Study was held as a drop-in session in December, 2019. This report is to be presented to Council February 11, 2020. The report recommends that no by-law or zoning be amended to regulate any drug consumption site within the City of Cambridge when the interim By-Law expires on March 26, 2020.

What does that mean? That a drug consumption site can be applied for and potentially placed ANYWHERE in the city. The City of Cambridge continues to move forward in their pursuit of a location in Cambridge, Ontario.