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Mayor & City Council of Shaker Heights Ohio: Do Not recommend Red Light Cameras in Shaker Heights, Ohio!

1. Studies show cities choose this solution for reasons of revenue not safety
2. The "for profit" company selected to administer this option will have control over revenue and we're really only going "into business" with an enterprise with the label of "safety" to support an outside company's revenue. This is not consistent with city government functions. 
3. This effort will hurt economic development efforts to attract new business and hurt local merchants who rely on our gateways of steady traffic for business which in turn helps our local community.
4. The cameras are usually placed in areas of lower income thus unfairly "tax" people who can least afford to pay. The areas suggested in an earlier planning session, will bear this out in Shaker Heights.

Letter to
Mayor, City of Shaker Heights Honorable Mayor Earl M. Leiken
Councilman Mr. Jim Brady
Councilman Mr. Brian Gleisser
and 5 others
Councilwoman Ms. Nancy Moore
Councilwoman Ms. Lynn Ruffner
Councilwoman Julianna Johnston Senturia
Councilman Mr. Earl Williams Jr.
Councilman Mr. Rob Zimmerman
Do Not recommend Red Light Cameras in Shaker Heights, Ohio!
This is a bad option to raise revenue in our city. It will hurt the community, tax the residents and it's an insult to a community that supported the recent payroll tax increase to support the services of our city. In the wake of the increased tax, and recently raised fees on recreation and permits, this is an unfair and outrageous way to support city government. The citizens of this city should not be asked to pay more.

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