Stop the City of Nanaimo from displacing homeless residents at DisconTent City!

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We, the undersigned, the people of Nanaimo, support the ongoing DisconTent City homeless encampment located at 1 Port Drive in Nanaimo, BC.

We demand the City of Nanaimo and our elected City Council take a stand in support of low income and people experiencing homelessness in Nanaimo.

We demand the City withdraw it’s application for an injunction to remove DisconTent City.

We demand the City begin actively providing support to DisconTent City.

We demand the City of Nanaimo to actively support DisconTent City by providing those living at DisconTent City with running water, electricity and other amenities such as shower facilities and other infrastructure to improve the lives of those living there.

We demand that the City of Nanaimo and the Province of British Columbia honour and uphold the Charter Rights of those experiencing homelessness in our city. That the City of Nanaimo respect DisconTent City and the occupied space at 1 Port Drive as a space meant ensure the safety and security of those living there. 

To the City of Nanaimo simply put we demand that you, the Mayor & City Council, the local detachment of the RCMP and city bylaw, end the war on the poor! Let DisconTent City stay at 1 Port Drive!

Stop the displacement of those experiencing homelessness in Nanaimo. Put in place a plan to ensure the development of affordable housing and let those who chose to live at DisconTent City stay!