Stop the City of Nanaimo from displacing homeless residents at DisconTent City!

It makes zero sense on all accounts. Displacing them anywhere and everywhere is doing nothing but causing more harm. If money is your main concern, and obviously it is, then spend less by working at solutions instead of just making things worse by harassing homeless people, taking their belongings and continuously moving them around. There is absolutely no logic to fighting against vulnerable people that just need help, that just need homes, that just need support, that just need treatment, that just need a little human compassion. Leave them where they are right now. Provide the water, toilets and sanitation station as ordered and get to work on supportive housing, affordable housing and treatment solutions. Even when a homeless person seeks out treatment and eventually gets it, they go back on the streets and nothing will have changed.

Denise Little, Nanaimo, Canada
3 years ago
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