STOP the sale of the Derwent Entertainment Centre. It's belongs the people of Glenorchy!

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Mayor Christie Johnson apologized recently for double digit rate increases. On ABC radio she explained it as an inevitable result of massive costs incurred by the alleged aldermen over their feuds, fiascos and eventual sacking.

Understandably the Mayor is keen to make up some ground and sell of some of our prime waterfront assets such as the Derwent Entertainment Centre which is owned by the GCC but runs at a $1m loss

Simultaneously our ex-premier David Bartlett and Justin Hickey lead a consortium who plan to inject large sums into the site, build a Vibe like hotel and marina complex as well as extending the DEC to a world class standard basketball sports complex.

A monopoly no less with a cable car feel about it.

500m away over the Brooker, the Royal Agricultural Show Society bought their current 40 acre site for £2,525 in 1903 and continue to operate profitably. The south eastern corner is now leased to Bunnings and the site provide a range of community events most notably the Royal Agricultural Show.

Their mission is "To promote excellence in Tasmania’s products and resources through exhibition and education". They continue to encourage local exhibitors and provide housing for the homeless.

GCC would do well to take a leaf out of their book!

Selling the DEC means this lovely, valuable waterfront site is snatched from the hands of it's local owners (us) and further profits end up in the well lined pockets elsewhere.

GCC has voted to sell the DEC and the land it sits on overlooking the River Derwent. David Bartlett seems to think it's a mere formality.

Give the Justin Hickey consortium a long lease but don't sell this valuable appreciating asset that will ultimately benefit it's shareholders not our residents.

I say it's "HANDS OFF"