To Have Animal Services in Norfolk County ON

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Norfolk County does not contract Animal Services except Canine Control for dogs only.

ALL OTHER ANIMALS are looked after by Volunteer Organizations receiving no funding for their work such as Simcoe and District Humane Society and Bryden's Den Wildlife Centre, who relies on Donor Dollars.

Norfolk County has many volunteer organizations who work with animals everyday; stray, sick, orphaned, abandoned and surrendered domestic pets (examples: dogs, cats, small animals, birds) and sick, orphaned or injured wildlife (examples: raccoons, skunks, birds).

First; From the author's experience (since 2000) Simcoe and District Humane Society volunteers have been providing 24 hour emergency animal services, 7 days a week, answering phone calls from residents and visitors who find animals in urgent need or assisting organizations when animals need to be housed. This may mean a call out by volunteers at any hour to assist these animals in immediate need.

Second; Many wild and stray or feral animals are carrying disease which can be transmitted to owned animals, some to humans. However, when an animal dies on the side of the road, Norfolk County Roads Crews simply shovel many to the ditches. Some of these diseases can stay alive outside the host for a period of time, being contagious to other animals such as; the Parvo Virus, Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper) or Rabies. If an animal dies in the winter and freezes, once the carcass thaws the Rabies Virus can become active again. This causes concern for other animals coming into contact with the carcass.

Third; Norfolk County OPP have always stepped in and assisted those animals most in need; injured, suffering, and dying animals who need immediate dispatch and we thank the officers who take time from their duties to help BUT it is not their job to do so. At times, due to the location of the animal, their hands are tied, as it is unsafe to dispatch the animals in concern of the safety of people and property.

A written copy of a similar petition has been circulating Norfolk County since spring of 2019 and we would like those signatures to be accepted as well, although the wording may be different.

We ask Norfolk County to provide Animal Services to help ALL Animals!

We thank Mayor Chopp and Norfolk County Council for listening to our concerns.