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City of Portland - Require parking at the new developments!

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Got parking-?!

The 1911 house pictured here will soon be demolished, and replaced with a 4-story multi-unit apartment project with ground-floor retail.
No additional parking will be provided, when this project is built.

Why not-??

Too-expensive to add underground parking, say the developers!

We don't need it, says the City, everyone will soon be using bicycles & public-transportation, the people moving into these new developments won't own cars!

And what do the people who live & work in Portland say-?!

*We've had enough!*

We see buildings like this one going-up all over this city. They cause a rapid increase in the population-density & traffic - but the developers are frequently not required to provide appropriate parking to accommodate the increased amount of people and vehicles.

The City is currently designing a plan for us that will, if it goes-forward, lead to our once-charming business districts and their surrounding neighborhoods becoming unrecognizable.
This particular planned development is at NE 13th & Alberta, the on-street parking is already limited there now.

Adding these developments throughout an already-congested business district means that the new residents, diners and shoppers will be parking in the nearby residential areas. Many of the houses in the older neighborhoods don't have a driveway/garage, their parking-options are already very limited.
And what becomes of the locally-owned small businesses in this & the other Portland business districts, when their clientele can no longer find parking there-? What about our city's Seniors & people with disabilities who cannot walk several blocks to their destination?

We find the City's disregard for the livability, safety, and property-values of the existing residents *unacceptable*. The City can change this course, if they choose to do so.
We, the undersigned, demand that the City start representing Portlanders *now*, and any new housing or businesses be built with a realistic number of new parking-spaces for that structure.

Stop Demolishing Portland!

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