Say NO to a Firestation Across from Highland Arts Theatre!

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In the past 5 years the HAT has put on hundreds of shows and has revitalized the downtown core. It has mentorship programs for young actors and adults alike. It has become a second family for the children and parents alike of hundreds of families across the CBRM.

CBRM council voted to put the CBRM's new firestation across the street from the Highland Arts Theatre, with absolutely NO consultation with the public, no transparency whatsoever. Those of you who have been to a live theatre performance understand just how damaging to the entire experience having a constant barrage of loud firetruck sirens and horns, or even one such interruption at precisely the wrong moment in a show, can be.

City Council is adamant about not revisiting and changing that decision despite the very real danger of it putting the HAT out of business. We need to make them understand that they are endangering the future of the youth of this community for whom the HAT has become a vital resource to help them develop theatrical and crucial life skills, and that the people of the CBRM will not stand for this! Council needs to find a better location for the firestation that does NOT put live theatre at risk.