Mayor Clarke/CBRM Council , What Happened to the CBRM Municipal Climate Change Action Plan

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Please read Big Pond RV Park: Please Mr. Postman, Look and See 

Cape Breton Regional Council adopted a Municipal Climate Control Action Plan in 2014 but they have ignored it. 

Recently, Mayor Clarke and CBRM Council  narrowly voted  to create a new zone in Big Pond, Cape Breton, so that a Calgary-based developer can build a 541-unit RV park on the coastline of the 4th largest barachois in the Bras d'Or Lake. 

The Mayor and Council refused to consider the environment in making their decision, claiming that they had no jurisdiction on environmental matters. 

Sign this petition that will be sent to Mayor Clarke so that 

CBRM Council will explain, in a transparent way, why they adopted a Municipal Climate Change Action Plan and have ignored it for 4 years


include environmental issues and the health of the Bras d'Or Lake in all zoning decisions in the CBRM.