Say NO to Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez’s #Tuskegee2020 Experiment

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Karla Mats
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While positive COVID-19 cases are increasing in our community daily and disparately affecting minority communities nationwide, Mayor Carlos Gimenez is moving towards opening Head Start programs throughout Miami-Dade County and exposing our youngest—possibly most vulnerable—students and families to harm. 

Tell Mayor Carlos Gimenez to put a stop to this madness while we can still protect the lives and safety of black and brown children and their families.
Responsible experts have called for a 14-day reduction in COVID-19 cases before reopening society, yet we are doing so in Miami-Dade County despite being the epicenter for the virus in Florida. Currently, we are seeing larger than ever increases in the number of people testing positive for COVID-19. 
Moreover, children have now started to fall sick and die even though they were initially thought to be immune to COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have dubbed this condition "multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children."
Today, black communities across the United States are suffering from COVID-19 fatalities at twice the rate of other racial groups, primarily due to reopening the economy and their need to return to work without proper protections and systems in place to mitigate the virus. Reopening day care facilities in such a manner will only lead to increased incubation and infection spread back to their homes. 

Opening programs such as Head Start and failing to properly secure services such as mass transportation and a lack of COVID-19 testing and tracing ahead of reopening are putting our minority communities at larger risk.
Additionally, parents are being asked to sign a waiver releasing the county and federal governments from liability because no one knows what is going to happen to these children. Many parents are desperate to find adequate childcare and will sign anything, whether they understand the dangers they may inadvertently be subjecting their children to.
Mayor Gimenez must exhibit common sense leadership and STOP this COVID-19 Tuskegee Experiment on our black and brown communities.