Dade City Residents Stand Up For Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform.

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Dade City residents have an opportunity that only happens every 10-years: REVISING THE DADE CITY CHARTER! (In the state of Florida, a city is allowed to govern as defined by the city's own charter document as an enhancement to state, provincial, regional or national laws.) 

These days, our representatives at all levels of government have forgotten who they were elected to represent - the people! Throughout the U.S., government and political corruption is at an all-time high, and officials at the city, state and federal levels are not meeting our expectations on so many levels. 

One basic level, ETHICS & ACCOUNTABILITY, for Dade City government, is not even referenced or stated in the current Dade City Charter. This needs to change.

SIGN THIS PETITION to support the recommendations and draft revisions of the Dade City Charter as provided by the DADE CITY CHARTER REVIEW ADVISORY COMMITTEE to include adding the following provision within the Dade City Charter document: 

Article VIII – Transition and Severability

8.03 Ethics Standards

All elected officials, officers, and employees of the City shall be subject to the standards of conduct for public officers and employees set by general law. In addition, within six (6) months of the passing of this amendment, the City Commission shall, by ordinance, establish a local Code of Ethics with enforcement provisions for officials, officers, and employees of the City which may be supplemental to general law, but in no case may an ordinance diminish the provisions of general law.

SIGN THIS PETITION to define "Enforcement Provisions" as referenced in the 8.03 Ethics Standards. 

Enforcement provisions should include establishing a Dade City citizen run ETHICS BOARD and/or a citizen appointed official to to serve as an ETHICS OFFICER. The ethics board or officer should have the power to investigate complaints and level civil penalties against officials found to have violated the ethics code. The board/officer could also be responsible for manning an expanded citywide ethics and corruption hotline and coordinate mandatory ethics training of city officials and employees.

SIGN THIS PETITION to adopt AND REVISE an ordinance that would limit campaign finance contributions in commission elections to $250 per individual per election.

The ordinance as recommended should be revised. Instead,  support an ordinance that would limit campaign finance contributions IN ALL PUBLIC ELECTIONS to $250 per individual, PER ENTITY, PER PAC, per election.

NOTICE: The Dade City Charter Review Advisory Committee and Dade City Commissioners will be holding a Public Workshop on December 5, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 38020 Meridian Ave, Dade City, Florida 33525. Dade City residents supporting this petition are encouraged to attend.

This petition is co-sponsored by Represent Pasco County, a local chapter of the national nonpartisan organization of supporting The American Anti-Corruption Act. For more information or to become involved locally, please email



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