Improve Bike-parking infrastructure and safety at Cambridge Train Station

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A polite request for the attendance of Mark Ellis, Head of Facitlities Management, on-site to publicly retract his statements on the quality of the CyclePark in full local and National publications and social media after making false claims in August,2020 alongside those made by Greater Anglia themselves;

Great Anglia Press Release, August 2020

There are between 25~40 bike-thefts a day in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Station Cycle Park is a disproportionate hotspot. For £2.5million the below would have been far more secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Automated Secure Bike Storage  (These are common-place in Japan)

In future the above must be combined with deep-bored, concreted and secure-bolted Sheffield “U” stands as part of any proposals as a secure bike-parking solution.

It’s also requested that a manned-secure locking service is provided at a subsided rate, similar to that at Grand Arcade to demonstrate any future proposals genuinely respect and promote quality active-transport infrastructure.

This three-tier approach near to various Hubs (Train/Bus Station, City Centre etc.) would reduce the space bike-parking takes up and increase bike security - reducing bike-theft.

Back to Mark Ellis’ false claims in the press release

"Although regular litter picks happen every morning, we want to do our best to keep the cycle point looking as clean and tidy as possible.”

Litter picking does not occur every morning - this has been checked.

On a single 48hr period no cleaners or security attended the CyclePoint.

"Cycle point remains a safe, free, space for people to park their bikes and we are committed to keeping it in good condition for the cyclists who use it every day."

The CyclePoint is not and was never a ‘safe’ space for people to leave bikes. The Sheffield ‘U’ stands are not deeply-rooted into the ground and they are not secured using anti-theft bolts, but standard ones anyone can unscrew.

The facility is and was never adequate for bikes and the commitment in keeping the facility in good condition everyday has never been evident.

Later, Greater Anglia in the same press release claim “The cycle park has CCTV and lighting throughout and is security patrolled by staff every four hours. with Land Sheriffs patrolling the facility.”

It is known that the CCTV is not willingly shared to victims of bike-theft to share with Police and as a result redundant and not worth mentioning as it adds no security.

It is also known that the facility is not visited every four hours - video evidence of this on randomly requested days made by the public is requested as proof to the contrary.

What “Security is also being stepped up” with Land Sheriff?

Patrols are useless, it needs to be constant surveillance as thieves monitor patrol windows and wait for these to depart before undertaking criminal activity.

Greater Anglia also states “Greater Anglia plans to spruce up the three-storey cycle park,” is that to confirm that all the insecure bolts and poorly installed bike stands are due to be replaced and refitted correctly? What does this ‘spruce up’ actually mean specifically in detail?

To restate, Mark Ellis, as Head of Facilities, and Greater Anglia are expected to apologise and retract incorrect claims in person with invitations and press releases issued to local and National media.

It is also expected that the necessary remedial works will be undertaken with immediate effect to replace the bike facility with those recommended by CamCycle and Cycling UK.

Kind regards,

Bike owner, Bike theft victim.