Close Guelph - Wellington Playgrounds / Play Structures to reduce the spread of Covid-19

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Concerned residents of The City of Guelph are calling on Mayor Cam Guthrie and  Medical Officer of Health and CEO of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, Dr. Nicola Mercer to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by CLOSING all playgrounds and play structures at Guelph parks (Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph). This petition does not seek to close open spaces or trails, where residents can safely practice social distancing while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine - just the climbers the children play on that have the potential to spread the virus COVID-19 which is currently a global pandemic.

- Children can spread the virus among themselves and bring it home, thus infecting other family members, eventually reaching individuals who are at-risk

- COVID-19 can survive on steel and plastic surfaces for up to 72 hours

- COVID-19 is a virus and needs a human host to survive. An individual may have the virus with no symptoms and be unknowingly spreading it

- Current signage in front of Guelph Playgrounds is misleading by declaring "use at own risk" when in fact children who use the climbers do so at the risk of the entire community. Use at Your Own Risk = Use At Everyone's Risk

- The signage advises children to avoid touching surfaces which is not a realistic expectation when climbing on climbers. 

- The spread of COVID-19 happens at an exponential rate. The reduction of human contact is of paramount importance.

- We can't rely on all parents to make sound decisions. The option of making a poor decision by letting children play on climbers needs to be removed to reduce the risk to those who are at-risk

- Some parents are practicing social distancing and simply do not know that playgrounds can spread COVID-19 

- Fencing around the playgrounds would be ideal - the cost would be negligible compared to the added cost of lives lost that inaction on this issue will lead to

- At the very least - caution tape around the playgrounds and a closed sign stating why, would help rather than a misleading sign that does not encourage social distancing

- We recognize these measures will not stop everyone from playing on the playgrounds but it can help residents make an informed decision for their families and community members

- Municipalities such as Bracebridge ON and Kitchener ON have already closed their playgrounds and skateparks as of March 20, 2020 - it CAN be done at a municipal level.

- The closure of parks is inevitable, let's get there sooner - protect your community and essential front line workers by helping to flatten the curve

-This is a Public Health concern and needs to be addressed immediately. 


Concerned residents of The City of Guelph

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