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We want the corruption in Tysheem Crocker's case investigated.

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Tysheem Crocker, one of 8 siblings born and raised in the Bronx New York...I haven't  been in NY since 1998.  I've been imprisoned in Pennsylvania - convicted of crimes I didn't commit.  I am my mother's oldest child, and though she wasn't present during my malicious prosecution, she's been by my side my entire quest for vindication.  Even as Miss Crocker battles Cancer, she finds time to be passionate about her son's pending court battles.

As she sadly prepares to begin Chemo therapy, I await the favorable ruling that will return me to her.  Several pieces of new evidence recently became available that would have proven my innocence when I was 21.

I was 20 yrs. old  when I was arrested, 21 when I was wrongly convicted for conspiracy to commit homicide.  The star witness in my case came forward last year, revealing that the York City District Attorney's office encouraged him to frame me, rewarding him a 2 year sentence for his false testimony.  I refused to cooperate, and turned down a 10 year plea for aggravated assault, a deal BASED ON AN ARMED CONFRONTATION THAT ENDED WITHOUT INJURY.   And the DA responded by breaking the law himself, introducing evidence he knew was false, but could utimately make me liable for a crime occurring ten minutes after my departure, and nearly two blocks from where I was that night, committed by someone I don't know.  Even more problematic, I was systematically tried before an all white jury, two and three times my age.

I was no saint growing up.  I was like most kids born in the late 70's, with a lack of parental guidance, finances, and no positive role models.  Most of us were in the streets by age twelve.

Throughout this 16 year imprisonment, I've maintained my innocence while fighting for my freedom.  I've grown tremendously as well.  I have a college level education, and I am a bestselling author with four novels to my credit.  I don't think I could be the man I am today without this miscarriage of justice happening.  But, it's time for it to end.  The KNOWING USE OF FALSE TESTIMONY is FRAUD and inllegal in the United States.

There were days I felt like no one was listening, like my outcries for the injustice to cease were muted.  I don't feel that way today.  SOCIAL MEDIA IS INJUSTICES WORSE ENEMY.

What if it was you?  If you were 20, and didn't know the law or your rights?  And you were unsophisticated, and unable to speak up for yourself?  What if you'd been convicted based on false testimony and fabricated evidence?

The most recent iteration of my protracted quest for vindication include an affidavit from the eyewitness, who received 2 years, admitting he gave false testimony at the request of prosecutors.  An affidavit from another key witness giving a different account of events than that which prosecution advanced their case on; an account that will relieve me of liability and causation - the very person prosecutors interviewed and deposed in 1998.  And then there's a motel clerk who is willing to testify on my behalf, that at the time they alleged a meeting was taking place at her workplace, it was impossible.

I ask that you THE PEOPLE support  this petition by signing now, and getting involved.



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