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Petitioning Mayor Mayor Byron W. Brown, Buffalo N.Y - 201 City Hall Buffalo, N.Y. 14202 (716)-851-4841 and 1 other

Mayor Byron W. Brown, Daniel Derenda Conduct a full investigation on the killing Of Cindy The pitbull.

This course of action is not acceptable and a violation of Adam Arroyo 4th Rights Amendment which involved the killing of his family canine pet.

A perfect example of Adam Arroyo's constitutuinal Rights being violated, Adam had gone to work as usual and rubbed his dog's face and said see you later baby,  "Cindy" a mild manner pitbull was shot and killed when police stormed into Adam's apartment in a drug bust which was the wrong address.
Adam, a Iraq War Veteran just works and comes home to his sweet dog Cindy, police indicated they usually make a drug buy but can;t be true when Adam was not home and Cindy the only one in the home.
Our dogs are not even safe when they are home alone without the police striking out the same excuses that they were threaten, Cindy was on a chain in the kitchen meaning she was contained.
Adam, secures his dog on a chain leash in the kitchen so why on this one day as officers indicated she was off the chain.
We are asking for a full investigation and asking Commisioner Derenda with his creditbilty that Buffalo Police Department holds that they consider and institute a training for officers in dealing with unfamiliar dogs which they don't have such training with dealing with canines in the the Monroe County Sheriff's has instituted such a training where officers have welcomed the training.

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  • Mayor
    Mayor Byron W. Brown, Buffalo N.Y - 201 City Hall Buffalo, N.Y. 14202 (716)-851-4841
  • Buffalo Police Commissioner
    Daniel Derenda 74 Franklin Street Buffalo, N.Y. 14202 (716) 851-4444

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