Keep a bike lane on Gilmore Avenue open during road construction

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Road construction along Gilmore Avenue between Lougheed Hwy. and Douglas Rd. has resulted in the closure of the bicycle lanes in both directions.

The City of Burnaby did not require the companies working on the road to provide any accommodation for cyclists, even though Gilmore is part of a major north-south bicycle route in the City of Burnaby.

Today, people cycling must struggle to quickly climb the hill as cars and trucks queue behind them in the same lane.

After months of suffering these deplorable conditions and under pressure from HUB, Burnaby staff had the companies add a faded 'share the lane' sign. A classic example of too little, too late.

As a temporary measure during construction, we need a bike lane for cyclists who are climbing the hill. This lane would be about 1.5 metres wide and demarcated by bollards.

Sign our petition to tell Burnaby traffic engineers, Mayor Derek Corrigan, and the BCA councillors that you #DemandMore from them.