Make Chief Peguis Trail Extension #1 Priority for City of Winnipeg Infrastructure Projects

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This is about the western extension of the Chief Peguis Trail (CPT) from Main Street to Brookside Boulevard. This western extension of CPT is a critical component for a modern and functional City of Winnipeg.

For too long, dangerously high volumes of traffic have been forced to use nearby residential streets that were never designed for such levels. This is an extremely hazardous and dangerous situation for affected residents and our children. These high volumes are also costing the City millions of dollars by wearing out streets that were not built to sustain heavy volumes of traffic.

Safety improvements aside, the economic impact and development, including committed commercial partners if the CPT extension is approved, are too great to ignore. We cannot risk losing such an immense economic development opportunity. Everyone in our city will benefit, including residents and businesses, and the extension will provide much needed civic tax dollars by increased commercial development.

The CPT project must be prioritized and made the City's number one infrastructure priority. Residents north of the Assiniboine River deserve to be afforded the infrastructure funding and development that residents of South Winnipeg have enjoyed for the past 15+ years.

The CPT extension will not only benefit the residents of North Winnipeg, but everyone who must travel through the area for recreational centres, shopping, and schools. The economic impact will provide every Winnipeg citizen, regardless of address, with a better-funded city, a stronger transportation system and improved job market.

I urge you to get this project started because we cannot wait any longer. The federal government has committed their funding for this project and the provincial government has also committed to and is ready to support this project. This is an opportunity that should be seized because we all know how quickly government funding priorities can change.

Mayor Brian Bowman and the Executive Policy Committee must understand this critical need for the CPT extension. With an approaching election, the residents of Winnipeg are now expecting the Mayor, EPC and City Council to approve and fund the CPT extension so the project can get started.

The City of Winnipeg needs this critical piece of infrastructure.

Seven Oaks School Division is strongly supportive of this initiative, please find more information here including a video of a recent town hall meeting with all levels of government where the federal and provincial governments assured funding *IF* the City prioritized the project.