Act Now to Save John Blumberg Golf Course and Nature Corridor

I would like to see as much green space saved in and around the city of Winnipeg, and not simply gobbled up for development. The city released a paper indicating how much green space want to save as part of their vision. The reality is, much less usually ends up saved. I understand urban development will occur, but most new developments still are being created with a bare minimum of green space. They create rinky dink little parks to satisfy some bare minimum standard of green space, which is laughable. The Spirit forest and Hentaleff park in St Vital are examples of good and thoughtful use of urban green space, to name a few.
Large tracts of green space need to be preserved and developed as urban forests.
If Blumberg golf course is sold, for sure the wildlife corridor needs to be preserved. But also a large portion of it needs to be set aside for parkland, green recreation and "forest bathing". ie, walking in nature.

Susan Mitchell, Winnipeg, Canada
1 month ago
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