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Urge to Cleanliness

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Since our very own supreme leader, Shri Narendra Modi ji has taken up the oath swearing over various sections including in the field of municipality, which has a legit offerings to the utmost development of the urban and rural areas of the country. Our PM has announced the dedication as a fact of increasing urgency to start a movement called "Swacch Bharath Abhyaan" and since then it has been implemented successfully, yet the constant ratio of foul and garbage amounts remain as it was before (or so oddly implemented). Though it brought a wave of logged magnitude into higher and lower class standard people, the question still remains as usual and seems to be unsolved.

Though it has become an important movement brought up by the central party, the localities in the matter of the city of Hyderabad continues to be vile and sickening. 

  1. Many streets including the traffic consuming roads have become uneven and a C/O address to potholes.
  2. These roads are leading to huge soil erosion and many accidents are occurring.
  3. The Government must stand as strict as possible on these issues by urging a strict repudiation over bribing nature which is breeding in the Municipality sector of the city.
  4. Recently heavy rainfall happened in the month of October leading to deprived condition of drains and roads.
  5. Due to such a damp condition, backward areas are adhering more deprivation with malnutrition and contaminated sewage, often bred to deadly diseases like Malaria, Diarrhoea. 
  6. The Municipal labor/ workers are not working to their content as there payment is unsteady and actually not balanced to their needs.
  7. On an average basis, there must dust bins placed alternatively every 150 Mts of connecting roads and a dust bin on every 300 Mts of colonies must be provided. 
  8. Strict rules must be given to people to use dust bins and this mustn't be neglected. 

I will to proclaim a petition over the immediate action that need to be taken up on the issues regarding garbage exposure and damp conditions of drains. The petition is required to take an immediate resolution to rejuvenate such critical things, so that there could be a proper harmonic ecosystem. 


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