Save Mississauga's Only Outdoor Covered Hockey/Skating Rink from Destruction in April 2021

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To: The Mayor of Mississauga and Members of Council
Subject of Petition: Save Chic Murray Outdoor Hockey/Skating Rink from Destruction in April 2021

We, the undersigned, hereby submit this petition for Council's consideration to: 

Save Mississauga's only outdoor covered hockey/skating rink from destruction in April 2021 by investing in capital upgrades to keep it open every Winter, all day every day (like Celebration Square), offering for FREE, skating, stick & puck and shinny programs.


Embracing Winter is a Canadian tradition deeply connected to skating and hockey OUTSIDE and an outdoor rink with a roof makes it available more than without and costs less to refrigerate by keeping the melting sun away.

The GTA has only 3 outdoor fully covered rinks namely Greenwood (built 2013 $3.4M) on the East side of downtown Toronto (shinny only), Gore Meadows (built 2018 $2.5M) in Brampton (skating/shinny), and Chic Murray Outdoor (built 2004) at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre (shinny, stick & puck, skating) in Mississauga. With a roof, you can skate under snow, sleet, rain or sun whether -14C or +12C.

However, the City of Mississauga believes hockey is on the way out and indoor swimming is taking over. 

This lead to a sudden decision earlier this year to secretly demolish this RARE valuable covered rink without public consultation. Mississauga's ward 3 councillor Chris Fonseca refused to gather public feedback from residents instead opting to replace the rink with another indoor swimming pool of which there are already 18 (11 indoor, 7 outdoor) managed by the City whereas only 3 refrigerated outdoor rinks namely Celebration Square (skating), Woodhurst Heights (skating/shinny - no boards) and Chic Murray soon planned to be only TWO! Where is the recreational diversity? 

Some volunteers maintain "natural" rinks however they quickly melt above 0C maybe getting 4-5 weeks usage and many are bumpy from poor maintenance. In contrast, Toronto has 54 city run refrigerated outdoor rinks (most with boards) open every day, all day, for FREE and Brampton has 4 refrigerated rinks and a synthetic for their residents and Oakville one. This means, Toronto has 1 rink for every 50,000 residents, Brampton 1 for every 120,000, Oakville every 195,000, and Mississauga dead last at 1 reliable refrigerated rink for every 375,000 citizens.  Any reactionary promise to build a lesser quality uncovered rink years into the future is poor governance of our recreational assets and the City deserves better.

We are a nation of hockey and skating not swimming. Southern Ontario is, arguably, the hockey factory of the Earth! And hockey is expensive so providing a place for kids to practice and work on skills for FREE, regardless of income level, helps build character, social skills, talent and pre-emptive health care by getting them away from video games, TV, and movies sitting on the couch. The Toronto Maple Leafs just had the worst 16 years in their history so, naturally, hockey interest may temporarily be subdued for our youth, however, it is a secular sport for Canadians. 

You can read The Pointer's article about this RARE rink:

Please sign this petition (full address) to voice your desire to save this RARE rink and preserve the Canadian culture of hockey and skating.  Please share it with as many people as you know so we can get over 10,000 signatures.  And for sure, contact Mayor Bonnie Crombie at 905-896-5555 and Chris Fonseca at 905-896-5300




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