Save Mississauga's Only Outdoor Covered Hockey/Skating Rink from Destruction in April 2021

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Save Chic Murray (Update 1)

Thanks for your support to Save Chic Murray!

1. We are almost at 5,500 signatures and need well past 10,000 so please copy this friendly URL and share to people you know in Mississauga and often :)


2. Together, we have placed pressure on Mayor Crombie as you can see her scramble at the 19 minute mark of her COVID press conference Dec 16:

Again, they had zero consultations about destroying the rink 1 or 2 years in advance and no plans to replace it until now and they are pushing back on a roof.  They need to delay construction until a migration plan is in place to build a rink of equal quality or better for residents before the 2022 Municipal election. Or, redesign the architectural plans rather than worry about their rectangle.  What else will this government do without consulting citizens?

Read the petition again and contact Mayor Bonnie Crombie at 905-896-5555 and Chris Fonseca at 905-896-5300 to voice your concerns.


3. Don Cherry is upset about the plans to destroy the rink too:


4. We need reliable outdoor rinks to embrace Winter and will COVID still be an issue in 2022? The Mayor and City executives feel a roof is no big deal and people would rather skate inside. Plus, instead of Chic Murray, they want us to use the 33 “natural” rinks around the City instead. Well, here is a video of them all so tell the Mayor what you think:


5. Please LIKE the Facebook page SAVE CHIC MURRAY to get more updates.


Again, thanks for your support to protect our recreational assets in the City of Mississauga especially our precious RARE Chic Murray Outdoor Covered Rink.


Joe Galati
2 months ago