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Relinquish Control of the Building Located at 606 South 30th Street

We, the undersigned, petition to Mayor Bob Filner, Councilman David Alvarez, and all other city officials and persons with jurisdiction in Logan to relinquish control of the building located at 606 South 30th Street. We feel that this building in its current neglected state under the control of the city has become an eyesore and potential hazard, as well an unfortunate under utilization of a great building. We feel that the city should give control of the building to the Save Our Barrios Coalition, which is comprised of multiple organizations who are also working towards the betterment of the community along with certain efforts made by the city. We feel that Save Our Barrios Coalition will better utilize this space and fulfill certain needs to the community that are not being met as of now. We, members of the community and undersigned fully understand and agree with the demands listed above.

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  • Mayor Bob Filner, Councilman David Alvarez

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