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End the installation of disruptive and dangerous bicycle facilities in NYC.

The enormous amount of time, money and political capital that has been expended on this small segment of the population should be redirected toward improvements in mass transit and efforts to keep traffic moving.

Our Department of Transportation has lost touch with New Yorkers, who want safe and efficient streets, not an increase in lawless cycling and artful new methods of traffic jamming. Further, pedestrians are facing more hostile conditions as bicyclists flout laws and distract all road users.

Nothing will improve conditions in our city more than aggressive efforts to update and expand our crumbling mass transit infrastructure. In addition, our streets need to be kept efficient for the necessary commercial, emergency and car traffic that are realities here.

Hurricane Sandy has put New York City on notice - our streets are too important to be used as experiments.

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  • Mayor Bloomberg, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn

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