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Legalize Marijuana In New York & New York City.

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If we legalize pot, the city will make tons of more cash by selling it from deli's, stores, shopping centers, etc. Marijuana is a plant & when it is inhaled oral'y it causes joy, mellowness, make people more happy about life, stop some people from doing stupid things like robbing someone and such. Crime rate will go down if its legalized because people will be more happy with life when they inhale the plant & they wont do the dumb things they normally do. 

Marijuana HAS molecular compounds that can help alleviate pain.Studies by Columbia University have proven that smoking marijuana once or twice a week is not a factor in lung cancer.It is safer than alcohol and tobacco. Decriminalize it,conduct studies and legalize it! Let pot smokers do what they want; it's not harming anyone!

It helps aid patients. Its used in hospitals all around the world. Pot isnt anything bad, if it was why would it be legalized in other places? We, the people in NYC should be allowed to smoke marijuana & enjoy life if thats how we want it. 

This isnt the first time someone has tried to legalize it in NY/NYC, alot of people do. If i reach my goal of signatures, im going to hand it to the mayor my self. 

You DONT have to be from NY/NYC to sign this, say you smoke in another state, or country, you decide to come to NY/NYC to visit or something, you want to smoke, YOU CANT! If you sign this, you increase your chance in being able to smoke it.

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