No Circus Animals in Bayside Council NSW

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Stardust Circus is a legacy of two circuses that were established in the early 19th Century. Today, the circus’ main attraction is its big cats’ programme which consists of wild African lions.

One of the concerns held by animal welfare groups is centred around how Stardust Circus treats the animals it keeps confined to cages in between training and performing regimes. The welfare of circus animals is somewhere between the bare minimum and non-existent. It couldn’t be further from the animal’s natural environment and way of life. 

As circuses play no meaningful role in education or conservation, the lifelong suffering of these animals continues only for the sake of a few minutes of entertainment.

The Bayside Council region is home to a large area of open green space teeming with wildlife and natural ecosystems for the public to enjoy, as well as increased access to Greater Sydney, with suitable sustainable alternatives such as Taronga Zoo readily available to residents in Bayside who wish to see exotic animals. 

This petition calls for a motion by Bayside Council to prohibit any hiring of parks, reserves and other Council facilities to circuses which include trained wild animals in their performances, such as elephants, lions, monkeys, and foreign and native animals being used for entertainment outside of their natural habitat. 

The Hills Shire Councils of Parramatta, Hornsby, and Hawkesbury all have a ban on exotic animals being used on Council land. There are also 45 countries that have introduced similar bans.