STOP police officers from barging into people’s homes without knocking first.

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I am writing this petition to call upon our elected officials to stop the police from being able to enter into a person's home without knocking first.  

My reason for starting this petition is because of the most recent issues involving police brutality and police killing as it relates to black people. Specifically, the story that moved me the most was the story of Breonna Taylor.  She was shot dead by police officers who came into her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. The police officers did not knock or announce themselves so Breonna's boyfriend got scared and fired a shot in self defense.  This caused the police to begin shooting and Breonna was shot 8 times and died.  All of this was because the police entered into the home of innocent people without knocking.

The tragic story of Breonna Taylor should never happen again!  Police need to use a different method other than barging into people's homes without knocking first.  I think they must knock first.  Even the smartest people make  mistakes.  I believe that the police officers had some questions for Breonna and her boyfriend.  If they just would have knocked first, Breonna would be alive today.  The police made a mistake.  This  tells us that mistakes happen but it shouldn't be at the cost of an innocent person's life.  This is personal to me because this could happen to any one of my friends or family members.  I live in a large city where there is always a lot of police officers.  Some are patrolling the area and others are responding to calls.  My fear is that an innocent person could be next, maybe even me, a family member or someone in my community.

We can change this! Let's make our voices heard by signing this petition and letting our elected officials know the importance of this law.