Open West 4th St Bet Charles & Perry for expanded outdoor dining and close to traffic.

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We would like to open up the street of West 4th Street between Charles & Perry Street to accommodate extra outdoor space for dining.  To do this we would need to close that specific block to traffic.  People can't wait to get out of their apartments and once the regulations are relaxed, closing the street off to traffic and providing them with an open space to properly practice social distancing would be the most effective way to ensure that people can remain at a safe distance from one another while enjoying their food and drinks.  Knowing New Yorkers, once restaurants are open even at a limited capacity, they will head out in droves after being cooped up for months.  People love our block and the restaurants located here so they will inevitably flock to our location so closing the street to traffic and opening it up for outdoor dining would be the safest option for everyone.

This would be to the benefit of the patrons and current residents in terms of safety as well as the business owners who are trying to survive the economic impact of this current pandemic.  

We would greatly appreciate your support.

The Staff of Extra Virgin Restaurant