Suspend rent & mortgage payments for all of NYS amid Corona outbreak

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Rent and mortgage payments need to be suspended for at least the next TWO months to help the residents of New York State. New York is in a state of emergency, people are all wondering how we will pay our bills amid this crisis. With all businesses closed or in the process of being closed, NY residents are panicking trying to figure out where the money will be coming from. Adults who work in restaurants and sales, who work paycheck to paycheck are not allotted paid time off. They will be unable to afford their bills and food. We need to make sure everyone is able to get by in this serious time of need. 

If this pandemic goes on for longer then two months, with businesses continuing to be closed, NYS residents will need to have these bills postponed for longer. Once things get back to normal, there needs to be a long term payment plan put into action, allotting NYS residents time to be able to pay back these bills, without fees or fear of being evicted.

Once everything blows over, if this is put into place, Everyone will go back to paying their regular rent or mortgage payment. Additionally, each month there will be an additional payment for the months that went unpaid during the corona outbreak. Payment continues until it is paid off. 

This is important to help the citizens of NYS and to keep everyone as stress free as possible and working together as a community. 

Thank you