Stop Early Voting in NY Public Schools!

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NY Public Schools, especially Elementary Schools, are not an appropriate venue for early voting.  Voting should be moved to other public and private buildings, where it will not affect the safety and welfare of our children. We are for early voting, but not in public schools! Our children have the right to a safe learning environment and access to physical education and recess.

This year, the Board of Elections has selected public schools as
part of a pilot program for early voting leading up to the 2020 elections. In previous years, Election Day was held on one day while school was closed, while Primary Elections were held on a single day while school was in session. Early voting changes everything with schools being used as voting sites for 10 days while school is in session and funnels all Manhattan voters to nine polling places. The BOE has indicated that next year the school will be used as an early voting site for all elections and will be used for 10 days each time. In addition, the Early Voting program is likely to expand to more schools in 2020.

P.S. 116 elementary school, with students as young as three years old, is one of nine New York City-based locations set for major disruption this year while an Early Voting pilot program runs rom October 26 th through November 5 th. In addition to the closure of its only gymnasium during the entire period, public voters will walk freely through the school cafeteria, school recess yard and Pre-K hallway to access the polling booths. The school and families were blind-sided.  Neither had the opportunity to voice their concerns. The school was told with only a few weeks notice. 

The parents of NY Public School children demand that Early Voting be moved out of schools to other more appropriate locations.  Our children's safety is not worth the risk!