Shut down Students for Justice in Palestine at City College

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Stacy Gittleman
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Simple anti-semitism is running rampant in College campuses, in our students classrooms and on the streets. Students are brazenly calling for terrorism in the streets of manhattan hoping that their minority status places them in the intersectionality purview of the progressive movement. Intifada is a terrorist movements of suicide bombings that have murdered Jews both Israeli and American Jews and wiping Israel off the map "from the river to the sea" is a declaration that zionist jews and Israeli minorities have no place in the world. It is time to hold individual organizations to account and individuals for their racist behaviors and actions. It is time to defend and fight against the mainstream encroachment of anti-semitism with what appears to be little  recourse further encouraging the bullying and harassment of students. I call for City College to remove Students for Justice in Palestine - itself an organization calling for justice against the minority jewish population in the middle east and in our own nation. I call for this coming from a family of Soviet jewish refugees who fled anti-semitism, a former student of Stuyvesant high school who has witnessed terrorism first hand fleeing from the collapse of the world trade center, as a CUNY graduate and as a jew who has been subject to anti-semitism in the guise of social justice warriors. 

How much nonsense will we allow in our own backyard? 

Below is a link to a Rally where City College Students for Justice in Palestine member " Husam Kaid " calls not only for terrorism and murder against Jews overseas, but for the same actions in America, I call for his expulsion from City College as a direct threat to Jewish students and jewish life not only in City Colleges campus, but apparently across America. I call for the IMMEDIATE removal of students for justice in palestine not only in City College but across CUNY until a point where they have proven they no longer pose a threat to Jewish life - likely never at is in their bones

Dean Dr. Gilda A. Barabino you MUST act upon this blatant racism! - 212-650-5435

The Grove School of Engineering
Steinman Hall, Suite 142
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY  10031