Save The Single Shepherds: Don't Cut Brownsville & South Bronx Schools Counseling Support!


Save The Single Shepherds: Don't Cut Brownsville & South Bronx Schools Counseling Support!

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Across District 23 in Brownsville, Brooklyn & District 7 in the South Bronx, Single Shepherds have been a great help to countless school communities. They're a large part of the greatness that backs every student. They're huge impact helps to shape the future of the world. They know many students better than their own families. If they get cut it'll hurt hundreds of people across Brownsville and the South Bronx. Single Shepherds are driving forces to your Child, Niece, Nephew, Cousin, Friend, Little Sibling and more. The youth in your life deserve to have a healthy learning environment and Single Shepherds are a huge part of that. Do it for the Children. The Children who may come to school every morning looking for refuge from a household of volatility, abuse, trauma. Do it for the Kid who's running down the hall in need of a helping hand who isn't on their way to a meeting or teaching a class. The Single Shepherds of Districts 23 & 7 are the older siblings of Kids who need it the most. Even those who appear to be the most kept together need a Single Shepherd who has their best interest at heart. Every School doesn't have a School Counselor capable of managing every single student especially in K- 12's and K-8’s which can have 300-500 students or more to one school counselor. That's where Single Shepherds come in to assist everyone in a school building who needs them whether it's a Student looking for a High School that's perfectly fit for them or a Teacher who needs to know how to approach a Student who isn't doing their work. That's the role of Single Shepherd. That's the role that Districts 23 & 7 needs.

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