Petition to relocate East Harlem drug use site

Petition to relocate East Harlem drug use site

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Started by Jemina G

Recently by the way of local news coverage many residents of East Harlem were informed for the first time that behind our backs without resident approval an overdose prevention site was opened on East 126th Street between park Avenue and Lexington Avenue directly across the street from a pre school and approximately 2 streets in both the East and West direction of 2 elementary schools. 

While we understand the need for substance abuse treatment is steadily increasing Harlem residents are disheartened and alarmed by the choice of location. 

The choice to place this facility which allows people suffering from substance abuse disorder to use illegal drugs in close proximity to schools serving mainly minority and low income children places our children in direct danger. 

Drug endangered children are defined as children under 18 exposed to an environment where drugs are used,possessed, trafficked,diverted or manufactured. Countless research has shown that drug endangered children are at increased risk for physical, sexual or emotional abuse, medical and educational neglect or physical harm,difficulties with academic and social functions, higher rates of mental health and behavioral disorders as well as being at greater risk of substance abuse later in life. We want this place moved now!!Our children matter

New York City is continuing to deteriorate our community and will then blame us for rising crime rates and drug use. 

Every day NYC department of homeless services abandons persons experiencing homelessness, some battling drug addiction and or mental health crisis on our community at East 125th street and Lexington Avenue at 8 am by way of the M35 bus with no plan to provide them with much needed support services leaving them to fend for themselves in our community. With no money,food,or appropriate clothing or even a program to attend to help tackle the barriers they are facing. Instead of any of those services they chose to open an illegal drug use site which further adds to the mental health crisis and substance abuse crisis and rising crime rate.  the site director has the audacity to say that the community asked for this and that they provide information on substance abuse help, after they allow them to get high and stagger onto our streets in front of our kids! within days of opening, schools and businesses are reporting used needles being discarded in the streets and intoxicated persons harassing businesses and residents. 

We as a community did NOT in any way ask for this dangerous place to be opened. We were not even asked if we were comfortable with this. 

We would like this site closed permanently and relocated to a more appropriate location. IE; inside of a homeless shelter, away from schools as schools are supposed to be a drug free zone, in a hospital setting or other location away from our children. 

29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!