NYC DOE, please approve Farmstand near PS 284 in Brownsville

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Before COVID-19, Seeds in the Middle and PS 284 had a joyful student-run Hip2B Healthy Market. Fresh fruits, juices and vegetables cost as little as 50 cents. We were making healthy, nutritious food nearby, accessible and affordable to all - especially our neighbors, families and friends in Brownsville.

We raised money to offer a farm stand that could accept EBT/SNAP and Farmers Market Nutrition Checks and give everyone a chance to eat well and be healthy. 

But COVID-19 hit. The NYC Dept. of Education shut schools down. However - even with the shutdown - some schools in wealthier areas still get to tend their school gardens. 

We asked the NYC Dept. of Education to allow us to operate our farm stand outside PS 284, keeping social distance, wearing masks & operating just like farmers markets in wealthy neighborhoods.

They said, NO.

Fight social, food, economic injustice with us. People in Brownsville suffer at more than 2x the rate from COVID-19, diabetes, heart disease, premature death than that of the wealthiest neighborhoods. We want to change that.

Let us eat fruit. Let us eat vegetables. Let us get them at low prices. Let us build a market just like in wealthier NYC neighborhoods.

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