Mayor de Blasio, Give Success Academy Queens Kids a Middle School

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For the past two years, families like mine in Queens have been waiting and hoping that Mayor de Blasio would honor his word to support all NYC children. My younger daughter attends Success Academy Rosedale elementary school, where she’s excelling, but Mayor de Blasio is denying us a middle school location — and that means she and hundreds of her classmates will be forced to leave the schools they love.

Success first made a request for a middle school location back in January 2017. They even provided a list of underutilized buildings  — five different buildings with 475-700 empty seats. With four elementary schools feeding into only one existing middle school, Success knew that even with class sizes of 34, about 200 kids would not have seats. 

First, the City said: “We have a space, but you have to wait a year, until 2019.” So we waited, but now it’s 2019. Our children are about to start school — and we don’t know if they’ll have a middle school next year or be forced out. This is just so wrong!

What's at stake is our kids' future and the likelihood of them being successful. My husband and I have seen what it's like in other schools and we know that's not what we want for our kids. Because of Success Academy, my three children are succeeding beyond my dreams, and I refuse to give that up.

The mayor has the power to fix this, but I’m worried he won’t.  

Five years ago, Mayor de Blasio tried to evict kids from their Harlem middle school and close two other Success schools. SA Rosedale was one of those schools. After Governor Cuomo came to the rescue and forced the mayor to give Success space for those schools, the Mayor made an apologetic speech in Riverside Church, saying: “I will reach out to all of the children, in traditional public schools, in charter schools, in religious schools. They are all our children, they all deserve a solution.”

Mr. Mayor, on behalf of the Success Academy families in Queens, please find our kids a middle school location — they deserve a solution.  

All children deserve a place to learn. Join me in calling on Mayor de Blasio to put #KidsOverPolitics and provide Success Academy with a middle school location immediately.  

Whanda T.