Keep PSAL going, school is still in session, let this keep going.

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Track like every other sport should keep going within their sport sessions. We all enjoy doing what we love, so why should the freedom to do a sport be taken away? Sports is a way of mentally relaxing even physically relaxing, I know I really don’t speak for myself, because anyone would agree to having this petition signed.

I really don’t find the reasoning behind cancelling PSAL, if the schools are still opened due to the corona virus then give me a good enough reason to cancel practices or even games. If schools being opened, having a thousand or more kids doesn’t harm anyone than why does a team of up to 20-50 students do? 

In addition, let us give those who are seniors their last opportunity to do the sport they please, because only like that they will be satisfied knowing they did everything they wanted to do. Everyone deserves the opportunity to do what they please to do, so let’s not put a stop to it now, and let’s keep enjoying these activities that fulfill us.

In conclusion, I do not stand with this decision of canceling all types of sports, for as I would like to keep enjoying the feeling of running. So for those who are athletes or even just play sports, let us sign this petition, and say yes to sports, and let us not give the mayor the right to say what we can and can’t do.

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