Keep Central Park ice skating open!!

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With one day's notice to the public, the ice skating rinks in Central Park will be CLOSED FOR THE SEASON after this weekend due to early termination of contracts with the Trump Organization.  The Mayor's decision to close the rinks before the end of the 2021 winter season has a negative impact on the people of NYC especially during the covid pandemic. 

Given that the Mayor has already ended the long term contract with the Trump Organization after this season, please give New Yorkers the outdoor respite of the remaining weeks of the skating season when indoor exercise and schools are shuddered.  Politics aside.   

Upper Manhattan public school families (who fail to have full time in-person learning) organize outdoor low-risk to covid social gatherings at Lasker on a weekly basis.  Wollman rink at the southern end of the park also serves many New Yorkers this winter. When many indoor activities and sports are cancelled, these rinks offer children, families, and other adults relatively affordable physical activity and social/emotional benefits.  The Mayor just expressed concern over a rise in teen suicides in public schools this week.  And depression is real for many people of all ages.  

Liz, Jose, Nate, Melanie, Leopolda and others (the amazing staff at Lasker who need a voice in this decision) along with many other employed New Yorkers will lose their jobs earlier than planned - DURING A PANDEMIC. 

When so much in NYC is shuddered due to pandemic life, these ice skating rinks are a sign of community, beauty, and health to the many New Yorkers who have stayed rooted here during tough times.