Fight to Keep CUNY ASAP

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So instead of defunding the police, NYC decides to defund CUNY and cut off the ASAP Program. You see where the priorities are of our city and it’s frustrating to see this. I have helped countless students get into this program. This program gives low income students a chance to succeed in college. In fact ASAP tends to have more graduates than are black, Hispanic, and other disadvantaged groups. ASAP was a push needed to help people with not the most resources and have a better chance at graduating. But now it’s cut off entirely. This program helped thousands of financially unstable families get students into college and help them along the way. It wasn’t just the financial portion but the career building, program planning, networking events and life skills that were benign taught by CUNY ASAP. If you have a minute out of your day then please sign this petition to save this wonderful program.