Fight gentrification along the G-line

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BRASH Coalition
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New York City neighborhoods are slowly being reshaped by forces of gentrification, leading to rampant displacement. This is no accident—NYC policy prioritizes luxury developments over long-term residents. Tracing the path of the G-train perfectly shows this process: from the threat of Amazon near Court Square to the Pfizer rezoning looming over Flushing Ave, each stop on this line tells a story of rezonings, mega-developments, bad landlords—all factors leading to to gentrification, residential and commercial displacement and racial segregation.

Brooklyn Residents Against Segregated Housing (BRASH) is a collection of community based organizations, tenant advocates and residents seeking to halt this displacement and segregation. We demand the halting of the Pfizer Rezong, No Amazon in Long Island City and that the City of New York conduct racial impact studies for any future neighborhood rezonings.

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