Fans Deserve a Markup Limit on Ticket Reselling

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The price markup of ticket reselling should be limited and regulated. Tickets to any and all events are bought and resold at an extremely high markup rate that is frankly ridiculous when comparing it to the base price that the tickets were sold for at the time of the tickets release. 

My hope is that ticket re-sellers are regulated properly and forced to limit the markup at which their tickets are resold compared to their original price. High demand tickets that are originally priced at $100 (for example), should not be allowed to be resold at a over a 100%+ markup. Never mind the fact that some tickets sold at $100 dollars can be re-sold at upwards of $1000+ in some cases. That is insane and extremely unfair to those fans/individuals who got beat out by professional re-sellers who buy out countless tickets to high-demand events, just to re-sell them at an unbelievable markup. Artists and organizations specifically create verified codes for  to try and limit the possibility of backdoor companies mass-buying tickets for the sole purpose of reselling - but unfortunately- it is hard for individual people to beat computer bots. 

Due to this, the least that can be done is a max markup limit or regulation on the reselling of tickets, preferably no more than a 100% markup should be allowed. This allows for the re-sellers to still make a profit, and those individuals who can't afford extremely overly-priced markup tickets, can still afford to buy those tickets when they are not too far off from their original price.

It is clear we live in a capitalist society and profit is the only thing on the minds of these companies and corporations, but hopefully the individuals providing the money in their pockets can have a voice too.