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We demand the City to suspend NYC muni-meters through the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.

As Assemblymember William Colton states, "While people are being told to stay home, parking is at a premium in NYC. Now, that many stay home for their safety, parking is scarce. So this becomes an issue, constantly going out to feed the meters. We are in a crisis and the city should not be worried about making money- peoples' lives are at stake! The necessary severe measures are taken to increase social distancing and to slow the spread of Coronavirus is diluted if people still need to go out to feed meters or to move their cars to find parking spots."

We want to launch this petition, urging all New Yorks to sign and circulate amongst each other. In a crisis as such, we must show compassion to all fellow New Yorkers, we need to work together, we need to show unity. Now is the time to value lives, not the value of dollar bills! We must deliver this message loud and clear across the steps of City Hall - WE DEMAND YOU SUSPEND NYC METERS NOW!